System of Dermapro complies with the GCP guideline, LMO Act, ISO standards, and Korean regulations on ‘SUBSTANTIATION OF FACTS IN LABELING AND ADVERTISING’, and it is carried out under professional and scientific management.

All clinical trials conducted by Dermapro follow ethical procedures in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to protect subjects' personal information, and we perform a regular qualification check to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test data, maintain the optimal condition of testing devices through periodic check-calibration.

The “Jeju bio research Institute”, established a test system according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) through technical mentoring by state-approved institutions and is operating a systematic test management system with equipping LMO research facilities. The LMO Act is intended to prevent harm to the preservation and continuous use of national health and biodiversity caused by Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) used for testing in advance.

According to the ISO 9001 requirements, a quality management certification system, Dermapro performs the regular internal audit and upgrading the system by external audit, we provide research results that meet the international standard.